Thank You

This new website represents in its way the next leg of my journey through life, indicating a major milestone in the long road of trying to reach the place I’ve always wanted to. To get Here. I feel like I’m truly on the right path now, creating stories, writing books, making pictures…in a sense depicting what’s inside my head and letting others immerse themselves in those tales.

Thus believe it pertinent to start this all with a big Thank You. In a sense, seeing the positive. Ok, so I’m not often the ‘glass is full’ -type of guy, quite the opposite, so you could say it’s unusual for me to start my blogging this way. But since my wife Taina, my home therapist, my home shaman, has taught me how powerful and important it is to be grateful for all that you’ve received (yeah, I tend to listen to what my home guru tells me), whether it’s the universe, god, gaia, people…or just me+myself&I whose gotten me this far, I guess thank yous are in order. Thank You.

I know there have been great teachers along the way, great artists and storytellers, friends, family that have all inspired and acted as guideposts. Thank You. And no, I didn’t follow each clear signpost directly and happened to make terrible roundabouts along the way. Bruised, but not wounded I’ve arrived to this plateau, ready to start ascending the next mountain. Thank You.

And if this all sounds like my life’s all honky-dory easy street, it’s not. The mind is a winding trail that coils and whips up on you. I get to pull my hair enough times because some image doesn’t look like it’s supposed to or the writing doesn’t flow, or I have to do things that distract from all the important stuff because I want to advance faster than I can…

But that’s all the more reason to say Thank You, to remind myself how good things really are. To remind myself that life’s usually a pretty full glass—you just have to see the rest of the nectar that’s making it overflow. Like I said, I’m often that ‘this glass is not half full, it’s in fact 52,4% empty—hey, who drank that extra juice, give it back!’ -type of guy. So to me, this exercise of thanking is a very important one. Thank You. For all the great things I’ve received. Thank You for all the great things to come. I love what I do now. Thank You. Do I need to get better? Sure. Do I want to get my visions purer onto the canvas. Yep…I really do, and hey, why’s that not happening, is it this keyboard that’s making all these spelling mistakes…and…and…relax, Paul. Take a deep breath. Inhale. Exhale. Just say: Thank You.