Process update: Here’s an Easter Egg

So what is an Easter Egg…something that you hunt for, discover, and then it gives you a surprise. A blog post…from Paul! That’s a surprise! Ok, I deserve that. I’ve been missing for a while now, and you might’ve been wondering: did he drop from the side of the Earth, or just plain quit doing art altogether. Well, I’m glad to tell you…no way!

I’ve been busy working full days. I kick-biked to the office at 6am as the sun was coming up—it’s Good Friday as I write this (in Finnish it’s called ‘The Long Friday’). Mostly my time’s gone to working on various projects for clients, teaching classical art at the Repin-institute…and creating my next book. Yes, ‘The Imprisoned’ was supposed to have come out already, but no…still not ready. I had beta-readers read the second version already last Summer, but there was a few things not working, so I got to fixing it. And since it’s only my second book, I’m still learning, discovering…like how editing can take a while. I’ve been finding the right book editing method that would work best for me, but perhaps I’ll come back to that in another post. To conclude, the book is coming, and text is about to next week to third-party final-editing. I’m happy to say I think the piece has improved considerably from what I had last year. Thus I’m content, because I want to put out stories I feel are something special. Now, I just need to get all those images done…yeah, it’s coming…

So, ‘til next time…have yourself a happy and healthy Easter!