The New Site is Here!

Well, I’m glad to have my site up and running now. I’ve worked on many sites, I’ve had many sites, and seems like nothing has changed in this front from the days of 1996 when I started working as a product manager for documentation and web related software. Publishing a website is always a big undertaking.

Why is it that? Well, I think it is mainly due to the fact that you really need to know who you are and what you’re supposed be doing and where you might want to be heading when you design a site.

So again this time around it’s been a good challenge to get the site out. A big thanks to Bhakti Kulmala at for designing a pretty, functional site for me. And I do have to admit that instead of trying to build the end all be all site that won’t need to be updated, I’ve taken this much more of a work in progress effort. I’m aware and committed that I need to be updating this site and making it more fun, attractive and immersive for you. My lofty goal is that you may experience here a glimpse of the things I see in my head and have tried to create in my visual novels. Obviously your feedback is welcomed in this respect.

Which brings me to the point of…well, me (not sure how I made that leap, but we’ll go with it). So this is my site. And this is my first blog/news post on this site. The website is not about me talking of web related challenges but to display to you, the viewer/reader/fan what it is I’m doing, what I have done, what I will be doing. Basically, who am I and what how can that give your life more excitement.

So what do I do?

A good question. I’d love to talk about what I’ve been doing, but the past is the past. I’ve made many mistakes along the way and you’ll hear about them more if you stick around the years. How I veered down a wrong path of flying from my artistic aspirations and listening to my ego give me the fearful runaround in the corporate world.

I’ve been digging myself out of the grave, swimming through the dirt, trying to gasp for air, and I believe I’ve managed to get my head above the ground. I’ve even managed to hoist myself out of the pit, standing here all mudied and steaming in the cool air like a newborn in the gloomy moonlight.

Now if you think I’m being theatrical and a bit gothic with my imagery, you’re right. And if that’s your thing, you’ve come to the right place.