a psycho-philosophical thriller

In this gripping page-turner, a man with amnesia must escape a strange holiday island with a sinister secret. From world-leading Visual Author Paul Laane comes his next psycho-philosophical thriller, The Imprisoned.

Devoid of memories, a man wakes up imprisoned in a cave, his only companion an owl with a one-handed clock chained around its neck. After an escape, the prisoner discovers he is on a strange island. On top of the cliffs a dark castle looms as the twilight shadows point him toward a village...

He arrives a stranger in town, receiving the name Number 9. In the Village, everyone is numbered, all on an endless holiday, blissful to question why they cannot remember yesterday. Or why there is a strict curfew past sundown, beyond which no-one stays awake. Frustrated, refusing to play along, Number 9 storms up to the Castle to get answers from the Count, the supposed man in charge. But why is it so impossible to reach the place?

Trapped with mounting mysteries, Number 9 discovers he is running out of time. Something is coming on the Horizon, something that makes him panic. As the doom approaches and the one-handed clock ticks away, Number 9 will have to find a way to escape the ultimate prison. Or uncover the horrible truth behind it…

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The Visual Author has laced this Psycho-Philosophical Thriller with painted enigmas to heighten your suspense as you journey to the dark side of the human psyche. We welcome you to the Village of Sunny Shores. Stay a while...stay forever.

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