Imprisoned in the Cover

If you’re following me on Instagram, you might have seen some teasers for my next psycho-philosophical thriller. Yes, my second novel, The Imprisoned, is finally coming.

Just ordered the proof copy from the printers, so we’re veeery far along in the process. I like to get a real physical copy into my hands—before that, the book project is just too abstract for me. This is a huge milestone. After I get to grips with the work (literally gripping it with my two bare talons) I can understand what it is I’m actually producing. And about to release to the world. Afterward, there’ll be a few tweaks until the final release version. The release date is a little open still, but don’t worry. It’s coming…ummm…very soon.

Below you may behold the final cover for The Imprisoned. I did show this to my fans on my newsletter mailing list already, and received a bunch of excited feedback, so this is not the first time it’s been revealed. If you would like to be included and get sneak peek into what’s going on in my studio, consider subscribing up at the CONTACT-link.


Anyway, I finally got the cover image working to something that I feel conveys the mood and feel of the book, something to claim the ‘Psycho-philosophical thriller’ genre.
So until next time, and as they say in Sunny Shores…