So the day is finally here. My new Psycho-Philosophical thriller, The Imprisoned, is released today! Why did I choose June 9th? Because…well, the protagonist in the book is called Number 9. Actually the whole book has all kinds of hidden references and visual enigmas for you to decipher. Yes, I’m happy now. I can’t believe it’s been two and half … Read More

Imprisoned in Hollywood

Hmmm, it’s very interesting with this thing called ‘the social media’. You get all kinds of interest in your work. I’m not saying Hollywood is calling, but I am currently in talks about the movie rights for my new novel The Imprisoned. I’ll keep you posted on what happens. There’s all kinds of good other buzz for The Imprisoned as … Read More


imprisoned proof vs final

So I did finally receive the proof copy of my new novel The Imprisoned. See what the proof and final version look like side by side… Soooooo I made quite a few corrections—minor ones, but I think it really polished up the rough diamond to a smooth one—I’m finally happy with the product. And yes, my procedure is that I … Read More