Imprisoned in the Studio

You might be wondering what’s been going on at the Studio. Well, the short of it is: working. Hey, what kind of a build up was that? Fine, I’ll try again. “It was a dark and stormy night. The floor creaked as a dark silhouette cracked opened the secret passageway to the Studio and slipped in. The intruder could see … Read More

The New Site is Here!

Well, I’m glad to have my site up and running now. I’ve worked on many sites, I’ve had many sites, and seems like nothing has changed in this front from the days of 1996 when I started working as a product manager for documentation and web related software. Publishing a website is always a big undertaking. Why is it that? … Read More

Thank You

This new website represents in its way the next leg of my journey through life, indicating a major milestone in the long road of trying to reach the place I’ve always wanted to. To get Here. I feel like I’m truly on the right path now, creating stories, writing books, making pictures…in a sense depicting what’s inside my head and … Read More