So the day is finally here. My new Psycho-Philosophical thriller, The Imprisoned, is released today! Why did I choose June 9th? Because…well, the protagonist in the book is called Number 9. Actually the whole book has all kinds of hidden references and visual enigmas for you to decipher.
Yes, I’m happy now. I can’t believe it’s been two and half years since I started on this. Even after the Beta-reading stage, it’s taken nearly two years to get the book in hand. Sure, there was this year numbered 2020 in between and a bunch of other stuff, but man, it feels good now to hold my second novel!

It was a challenging book to write (I hear many authors struggle with their second work), and not just due to the subject matter, but largely because I realized how personal the book ended up being. Cryptica was very personal, this was probably more so.
Now, a bit of a WARNING: The Imprisoned is not your typical thriller novel. I’ve been calling it a ‘Psycho-Philosophical thriller’ to make the distinction, but maybe it should rather be called a ‘Spiritual thriller’ since it’s got a lot of thought-provoking concepts full of deep psychology. I’ve been told it’s a more literary novel, though I’m not sure if that’s quite fitting either—I strive to make stories that grab you and seem that they’re more about entertainment, but throw you out of your comfort zone and force you to think. In any case, I’d love to hear feedback what’s your take on all of this.
So, hopefully you are intrigued enough to purchase The Imprisoned. It is available now world-wide in eBook and Paperback at your favorite bookstore, including:




And many more…

If you want to sample the book beforehand, you may do so here (.epub format, 3mb)

Anyway, thanks for the support. Now I’m going to celebrate with some dandelion wine that I’ve been saving. Dandelion wine ends up being a nod to one of my favorite writers: Ray Bradbury. Seems fitting.